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First, the fine print: Shalom, greetings, and welcome to Rossel-on-the-Web! There's nothing to sign, no cookies, no passwords, no entry fees, no gimmicks, no raffles... Just a chance to visit and maybe find an idea or two. Click on any link to reach a page of interest.  Welcome to Rossel-on-the-Web.

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The Wise Folk of Chelm
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Rossel tells Unforgettable Stories

Rabbi Rossel tells "Unforgettable Stories"

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Isaac: God's Child by Seymour Rossel

The Featured Four: Most Requested!

You Are There at the Making of the Bible with Seymour Rossel Essential Jewish Teachings with Seymour Rossel
Creative Classroom Management with Seymour Rossel Stalking the Dead Sea Scrolls with Seymour Rossel

Bible Study with Rossel

Kabbalah with Rossel

The Genesis Project

A close look at the Bible's book of beginnings and what the Book of Genesis is really trying to tell us.

Jewish Magic & Mysticism

The basics of Jewish mystical teachings, with a side-glance at Jewish magic through the ages.

Riches in the Writings

The legacy of the Writings, from scrolls that read like storybooks to wisdom literature and the Book of Job.

Ancient Jewish Mysticism: God's Chariot

Jewish mystical movements in biblical, talmudic & early medieval times and their influence on the Jewish soul.

Ruth & Esther: Reading Biblical Women

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." -- Follow two biblical women from idyllic village life to the most ostentatious of all palace courts.

From Kabbalah to Modern Mysticism

Major Jewish mystical moments since 1492 and how they shape and continue to inspire modern Jewish religious movements.

You Are There at the Making of the Bible

How we know what the authors and editors of the Torah and the Bible had in mind; and how we know who they were.

Jewish Spirituality Today

Can modern Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Humanist Jews find spirituality without losing faith in science and logic?

Stalking the Dead Sea Scrolls

Study the actual texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls; discover the people, places, and events that they illuminate; and consider their meaning for us.

Dreams: The Spiritual Quest

Is the "D"-mail in your life going unanswered? Understand your dreams by processing dreams in the Bible and discovering why dreams are embedded into our Jewish heritage.

Teacher In-Service with Rossel

Uniquely Rossel

Creative Classroom Management

Turning teachers into classroom wizards is a Rossel specialty. Every teacher in-service workshop is unique and the pattern is re-imagined and re-designed every year! Creative Classroom Management is the Master Teacher Workshop.

Essential Jewish Teachings

Celebrate 5,000 years of great Jewish teaching by hearing and discussing salient legends, tales, and stories from the vast storehouse of our Jewish tradition. Based on Seymour Rossel's latest book, The Essential Jewish Stories.

Ten Commandments for Classroom Discipline

Best practices in classroom management. Interactive and challenging, teachers can apply what they already know and learn what they need to grow.

Four Masks of God

Discover four ways in which our ancestors believed they could actually hear God's voice and discover the one way that tradition believes this path is open to us today.

Secrets of the Master Teachers

Teachers -- veteran and novice alike -- leave with new techniques, new understandings, and renewed confidence. For all teachers, kindergarten to college and beyond.

1 to 1: A Tale of Two Centuries

The momentous years from 1 BCE to the end of 1 CE shaped the Judaism we live and breathe. This colorful presentation explores two centuries that changed the world.

Classroom Magic

Tricks and tips that make any curriculum sing and give teachers the master teachers' edge. A Rossel classic, highlighted by a colorful and memorable visual presentation.

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Rossel: The Biography

Ask Seymour Anything

The Holocaust: An End to Innocence

The World of Rossel Books

Recommended Books

Basic Judaism-on-the-Web

The World of Rossel in Books

The Wise Folk of ChelmThe Wise Folk of Chelm

The Holocaust: An End to Innocence

Revised Edition Paperback
and Kindle from
Rossel Books

The Holocaust: An End to Innocence

Revised Edition Paperback
and Kindle from
Rossel Books

The Essential Jewish Stories


Bible Dreams - Revised Second Edition

Bible Dreams:
The Spiritual Quest

Now in paperback and Kindle!
Revised 2nd Edition

Torah: Portion-by-Portion by Seymour RosselThe Torah:

A Child's Bible (2 vols.) by Seymour RosselA Child's Bible
Lessons from the Torah
Lessons from the Prophets & Writings

The Holocaust: The World & the Jews by Seymour RosselThe Holocaust:
The World & the Jews
1933 to 1945

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